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I am a Canadian artist, currently living in Southern California. I have been an art educator and artist since the 1990s, and have worked in non-traditional school settings throughout Canada, Great Britain and the United States. I believe in honoring the creative process for my students, as well as myself. My detailed pen drawings are partnered with a variety of other media: collage, colored pencil, chalk, and paint to create a mix of realism and whimsy. My artwork is an expression of my joy and love for life, and is often inspired by the students I teach, as well as my own children. 


My art has been exhibited at Infusion Art gallery (Redlands, CA), Threshold Gallery (Redlands, CA), Las Laguna Art Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA) and currently can be viewed at Redlands Art Association (Redlands, CA).  Several pieces are also held in private collections throughout Canada and United States.

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